Bracelet with own hands MIX

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Beading is one of the most popular types of needlework in the world. This is a wonderful hobby, contributes to the development of fantasy, the results of the work are pleased : bright colors and forms. Having created a bracelet with own hands, the girl will feel bright and unique, will acquire the first skills of needlework. A bright, shiny bracelet will replenish your girl's casket and become a part of her image.

Bracelet with own hands MIX

Package size: 13x17x3 cm

Packing: beads, fishing line, lock , patches.

Age: 7+ (there are small details in the box)

The game promotes development:

  • development of the child's creative abilities
  • the formation of thinking, attention, perception and imagination
  • fine motor development
  • It is made: in Ukraine, TM STRATEG

    Language: Ukrainian

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