Game LUX Zoo Monopoly item number:7006

Zoo Monopoly "Zoomonopoly" - (in Russian) - a game for a noisy company, one of the variants of the economic game "monopoly", but which, unlike the standard adult version, immerses players not in the standard "business company" but in the world of attractions, circus, wild animals. The rules of the game are described in a step-by-step instruction, available for understanding from 6 years. We advise playing both in the family and in the circle of friends. Roll the die, buy the offered territories, own the circus, get acquainted with the animals in the arena, make plans, make deals and equip your game park at your discretion! The game begins when the players put their chips on the "Start" mark and throughout the game throwing dice move around the field collecting bonuses, buying items, animals or objects. The young monopolist during the game also gets to the ticket booth, finds the cards "Surprise", "Wallet", makes purchases and, as a result, becomes the owner of the circus.

Game LUX Zoo Monopoly
    The game consists of:
  • playing field made of solid strong cardboard, as a puzzle – 4 parts
  • 4 plastic chips and a dice
  • 8 stall
  • 8 cards for the right to own rides
  • 32 "Surprise" and "Purse" cards
  • play money (banknotes)
  • Instruction

strateg & leo