Board Game Scrabble

item number: 051

The game "Scrabble" is known to every fan of desktop riddles. This is an educational game where you need to create words using a set of letters and delivering them one by one to the playing field. In " Scrabble " you can play with the whole family, the game is really interesting for both adults and children. The durable cardboard of the playing field will stand the test of time.

Board Game Scrabble

Package size: 33x25x2.5 cm

Box contents: cube, chips with letters, 3 question cards, 3 answer cards.

Age: 6+ (there are small details in the game set)

The game promotes development:

  • excellent vocabulary development
  • development of linguistic skills
  • expanding the outlook of the child, strengthening his memory and ability to analyze

It is made: in Ukraine, TM STRATEG

Language: Russian

strateg & leo