Board Game Scrabble

item number: 249

A board game for the whole family Scrabble is an educational game (6+), a variant of the game "what, where, when?". The meaning of the game is to be first collected the word ERUDIT, alternately throwing a cube and answering the questions asked. For each correct answer the participant of the game receives a chip. Equipment: three cards with questions, three with answers, letter-chips, a cube.

Board Game Scrabble

Package size: 33x25x2.5 cm

Box contents: cube, chips with letters, 3 question cards, 3 answer cards.

Age: 6+ (there are small details in the game set)

The game promotes development:

  • excellent vocabulary development
  • development of linguistic skills
  • expanding the outlook of the child, strengthening his memory and ability to analyze

It is made: in Ukraine, TM STRATEG

Language: Russian

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