The board game "Jenga" ( 54 and 60 wooden blocks) is an excellent opinion to have fun and interesting spend time in the company. This entertainment is perfect for children and adult companies. The rules of the game are very simple: you have 54 (60) wooden blocks of which you build a tower putting 3 wooden blocks per level. The player should lay out each next level perpendicular to the previous one.

Players walk in turn, carefully trying during their turn to get one bar from any level of the tower and rearrange it to the top. Do this all with one hand and not allowing the tower to disintegrate. You can start building the next level only when the previous one is finished and 3 bars will be laid out.

The game Jenga 60 brusks (Russian)

The game Jenga 60 brusks (Russian) item number:25

The game Jenga, 54 bars (Russian)

The game Jenga, 54 bars (Russian) item number:24

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