Floor game Super Twipster

item number: 379

Super Tweepster is an floor standing game for active children, which is one of the most popular games for companies, in which the players are in the role of game figures. Participants in the game according to the combination that has fallen on the roulette (following the instructions of the presenter) put an arm or a leg on the intended sector. Players are placed on the playing field in the most unpredictable cunning poses, entangling in a common "pile". The one who did not keep his balance and fell or touched the field with anything other than hands and feet - is out of the game. The most dodgy, flexible and dexterous participant wins, and the rest in any case receive a portion of excitement, pleasure and good mood!

Packing size: 39х28х5cm.

The contents of the box: a playing field 180x130, a small playing field, 2 roulettes with arrows.

Age: 4+

The game contributes to the development:

  • the development of communication skills and partnership skills
  • development of playing in the team
  • strengthening the muscles of the hands and fingers, the development of their dexterity and flexibility

Produced: in Ukraine, TM STRATEG

Language: russian

strateg & leo