UNO MIX (classic + children's)

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UNO MIX: classic + children - the customers are offered a child's with funny pictures of beasts and classic adults. 108 cards - folded into a small box, with the rules of the game. In the corrugated there are 8 pieces of adult and children's games. The deck for playing Uno contains cards with numbers from 0 to 9 (with different images of animals or different colors), as well as special cards: "Skip the move", "On the contrary", "Take two", "Order color" and "Order color and take four. " Each player has 7 cards, after which one is deposited for a reset. The goal of the game is to get rid of all cards first.

UNO MIX (classic + children's)
UNO MIX (classic + children's)

Pucket size: 8х26.5х5х16
Complect set: 108 cards in each game
Age: 7+
Material: cardboard
Language: ukr/rus

The game contributes to the development:

  • the logic and creativity of the child
  • thinking, speech, attention, perception and imagination
  • improving strategic skills
  • the outlook of a child

It is made: in Ukraine, TM STRATEG

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