Puzzle Transformers (360 elements)

item number: 207-7

Puzzles - developing an interesting activity that captivates children. Children will find in them a lot of interesting things and spend time with benefit and joy, collecting a puzzle. Show your child and let him know that puzzles are very interesting. If you start to collect a puzzle, the child, sitting next to it, will watch with interest and then he will join in this fascinating process.

Puzzle Transformers (360 elements)

Package size: 32x22x4 cm

Package Contents: 360 pcs

Age: 8 +

The game promotes development:

  • development of the logic and creativity of the child
  • the formation of thinking, attention, perception and imagination
  • improving strategic skills
  • the outlook of a child

Produced: in Ukraine, TM STRATEG
Language: Russian

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