Hands Nanogum

We offer you a toy which has been already loved in the whole world – exerciser for hands "handgum" - "Nano Gum". The gum of our trade mark is provided in a wide assortment - 19 kinds! You can choose fragrant, magnetic, with a 3D effect and changing color or even glisten in the dark. "Nano Gum" is made from elastic, figurable, non-toxic and pleasant to the touch material. We are sure that such a toy-simulator will give you positive and good emotions! You can stretch it like a rubber. You can strongly pull and pull apart it. Roll it into the ball - it will jump, sharply strike - it will shatter on fragments. This game with the gum for the hands develops creative skills because from plastic bright material you can get ingenious sculptures but not for a long time (try to film a video about such creation) because they will turn into a puddle. "Handgum" is an excellent simulator for restoring the hand after an injury. Also stretching the gum develops fine motor skills for the child in doing so aid speech developments. "Nano Gum" has a calming effect. When you are pushing it in your hands the nerve endings of your hands are massaged delivering you pleasant tactual sensations.

Nano Gum in capsules. Assorted

Nano Gum in capsules. Assorted item number:880

Nano Gum in spheres. Assorted

Nano Gum in spheres. Assorted item number:829

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