Nano Gum in spheres. Assorted item number:829

17 types, 20 pcs in box - 4 box in pucket
Nano Gum in spheres. Assorted
Nano Gum in spheres. Assorted
25 grams
Gold Inca (Gold color)
Sea wave (Lights in the dark)
Strawberry jam (Strawberry flavor)
Aroma of chewing gum LOVE IS (Change color)
Mother-of-pearl pearls (Liquid glass effect)
Green Apple (Apple Fragrance)
Silver Aztec (Silver)
The Star Galaxy
Frosty freshness (Changes color)
Ripe Banana (Banana Flavor)
Safari (Lights in the dark)
Neon (glows in the dark)
Zummy (Holography Effect)
Fresh Watermelon (Watermelon Fragrance)
Cherry boom (Magnet effect and cherry flavor)
Lilac Flamingo (Changes color)
Chupa-Chups (Aroma Chupa-Chups)
Babl Ham (Gum chewing gum bubble)
Trid (The effect of holography)

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